Miami Condo News Focuses on the Magic City’s Condominium Lifestyle

Nov. 24, 2006 – The excitement of tall condos reaching for the sky — in competition for your attention akin a beauty contest, and dazzling you with architectural excellence — confirms the condo lifestyle in Miami has a bright future. Grand Lifestyle Publisher offers condo seekers the overwhelming choices in one location: Miami Condo News at focuses on the latest news and information on condo life in the Magic City and the online Directory of Miami’s New Condominium Projects at presents detailed information on new condominium projects with links to the project websites.
“We developed the news journal and directory with one important objective — offer practical and comprehensive information that allows the Miami Condo News reader to learn about condo life in Miami and to view the details of condo projects in the Miami area without being burdened with visits to numerous websites,” explains Dr. Heinz Dinter, computer technology entrepreneur turned author and publisher, creator of the directory, and Grand Lifestyle’s publisher. “We focused on easing the daunting task of taking a close look at Miami by presenting news about condo living in the Magic City and information on the many new condo projects in the Magic City.”
Miami Condo News focuses on news relating to Miami’s condo living and presents profiles of prominent persons instrumental in creating the Magic City’s future.
Directory entries contain the following: Up to four enlargeable graphic images of the condominium project; text describing the project; the address of the project; an enlargeable map displaying the project’s neighborhood; the ability to establish directions to the project using MapQuest; a link to the project’s website; telephone number and email address; and link icons to articles in the Miami Condo News online news journal covering additional information.
Johnny Winton, a member of the Miami City Commission, spoke of the city fathers’ look into the future: “Cities like Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco — these are the examples we are using to move our downtown forward,” adding that some 90,000 housing units are in various stages of construction citywide.
Mayor Manny Diaz referred to the building trend as an overall healthy sign for the city: “There is a lot of pent-up demand from people who want to move into the urban core.”
“By 2010, 40 percent of the population of Florida will live in a condo or homeowner association environment,” forecasts Julio Romania, state representative and committee chairman of the House Select Committee on Condominium Association Governance. “This isn’t small potatoes.”
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