Michigan web design company chosen to design website for Gall and Cater Signs

Dec. 25, 2006 – Michigan web design company Pegasus Ventures announces it has been chosen to design a new website for Grand Rapids sign company, Gall and Carter Signs.

Robert Dewey, president of Pegasus Ventures said, “Gall and Carter traces its roots back to the Great Depression and is well known throughout West Michigan for both terrific work and great service. In fact, we already share a number of clients, and I look forward to working with Gall and Carter Signs well into the future.”

Pegasus Ventures is best known for the Pro Plan for small businesses. Pegasus Ventures offers web design with unlimited pages, hosting, and updating for one year for $349. Visit Gall and Carter Signs at www.gallcartersigns.com or Pegasus Ventures at www.pegasus-ventures.com.

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