Michigan web design company earns second year with Cedar Springs Fence

Nov. 25, 2006 – President Of Pegasus Ventures Michigan, Robert Dewey, announced the Wyoming, Michigan based Michigan web design firms has been renewed as the web design, hosting and updating service of Cedar Springs Fence.

Mr. Dewey reported, “Being one of our first clients, this was important to us. We are growing fast, but the key indicator of our success is not going to be our new sales but our renewals. We worked hard over the past year to earn this renewal and I look forward to working with Cedar Springs Fence in the coming year.”

Dewey went on to say, “We are continuing to build our presence in the Cedar Springs area as part of our long term strategy to be the primary provider of web design services in smaller markets. We currently serve 2 or the 3 independent pizzerias, and Cedar Springs Fence. We also operate a local informational website, www.redflanneltown.com.

Pegasus Ventures is best known for the Pro Plan for small businesses. Pegasus Ventures offers web design with unlimited pages, hosting, and updating for one year for $349. Visit Cedar Springs Fence at www.cedarspringsfence.com or Pegasus Ventures at www.pegasus-ventures.com.

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