Michigan Web Design Firm First To Bring Online Restaurant Ordering To Cedar Springs

Nov. 25, 2006 – Michigan web design firm, Pegasus Ventures, announces Stein Brothers Pizza online ordering.

Stein Brothers Pizza became the first restaurant to offer online ordering to customers in the Cedar Springs community November 13, 2006. Stein Brother’s owner, Raymond Huckleberry said, “Customers can now visit our restaurant on the internet, push a few buttons and get some great food and even delivered to their home if they want.”

“We plan to grow Stein Brothers; and the first part of that growth is doing our part to be a strong presence in the community we live in,” said Huckleberry’s wife, co-owner Laura Huckleberry.

Since buying the restaurant earlier this year, the Huckleberrys have been steadily investing in the business and the community. So far Stein Brothers has created 9 new jobs in town, helped sponsor the 2006 Red Flannel Festival, and its team played hard at the Cedar Springs Recreation Department’s 3 on 3 Tournament.

Cedar Springs has responded favorably to both Huckleberry’s enthusiasm and Stein Brothers hard work. ” Sales have grown by more than 50% since Ray and Laura purchased the restaurant” said Felix Rodrigues-Torres, the General Manager of Stein Brothers Pizza

The Stein Brothers website was built by Guestchecks.us, a local web design firm. Stein Brothers online ordering system is powered by Pizza Galaxy, of North Haven, Connecticut, www.pizzagalaxy.com.

Guestchecks.us owner, Robert Dewey, said, “We currently have a number of clients in and around Grand Rapids who have been very successful with online ordering. The online ordering system lets customers order quickly, easily and accurately without needing to pick up the phone.”

The Cedar Springs pizzeria business has seen a number of changes this year, including ownership changes at both Riccardi’s Pizza and Stein Brothers pizza. As the competition heated up Vitale’s Pizza and Stein Brother’s have begun to offer delivery.

“I am planning improvements to our building, expect to add at least two new jobs in the near future, and we are going to improve our menu offerings as we continue to build this business. ” said Huckleberry. “As a resident of Cedar Springs I am seeing lots of great things happening around town and Stein Brothers Pizza is going to do its share to be a part of that growth.”

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