Middle East Complex and Al Asalah launch Pioneering Air Conditioning Academy in Jordan

Dec. 28, 2006 – Amman, Jordan –( December 2006) – Stemming from its strong sense of social responsibility, Middle East complex, and agent for LG in Jordan and Al Asalah electromechanics company LG’s agent for commercial Air conditioning system. Recently launched Jordan’s first air conditioning academy “Al Asalah pioneers technology academy “. This pioneering project is to be the first of its type ever to be initiated in Jordan and the region at large.

The Academy was inaugurated under the patronage of Jordan’s minister of labour H.E Basem Al Salem, at a press conference and celebratory event held at the Academy headquarters in Khalda. The event highlighted the many aspects of which the academy was designed for. One of which is the academy came as a response to the demands to the demands of the developmental boom that the kingdom is currently witnessing under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II.

Moreover, in recognition of the needs of the multitude of the aspiring individuals who lack academic background or technical skills, Middle east complex (MEC) LG electronics’ agency in Jordan, is giving its support to the academy by providing technical training for engineers, technicians and students with interest in the air conditioning field in topics relating to air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

With this, the academy is providing the Jordanian market with an influx of highly qualified individuals that in turn respond to the demands of the current local job market. The academy is designed to accommodate up to 750 students throughout its courses all year. Students graduating from the academy will be handed certificates that are accredited from the ministry of education, and will be granted job opportunities at Al Asalah, the Middle East complex (MEC), and other opportunities at hospitals and hotels in the kingdom.

The launch of Jordan’s first AC academy will help Al Asalah to develop its operations to become not only a provided of innovative technological solutions, but most importantly, a provider of opportunities and technical know – how.

Commenting on the Launch of the pioneering initiative , Mr. Issam Samara General Manager of Al Asalah Electromechanics Company said, “ We constantly strive to bring the best to this community whether it is through our technological advanced products , or our after-sale services, or through training practitioners and providing then with the career opportunities . We appreciate all the support we received from the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Education, and the vocational training corporation. The Sky is the limit for where we want to go from here, for we are here to revolutionise the market so that we become the leaders
of every courses are both theoretical and practical in all that is related in the air conditioning arena through state of the art teaching technology in both the study halls as well as in the technical workshops”

From his end, Mr. Osama Khalili, Chairman of the board at MEC, an agent for LGE products in Jordan Added “ We are proud of Al Asalah achievement, and we Appreciate all the support that we have received from the different governmental factions that have supported us throughout the process of realising this ambitious project to Jordan’s Benefit”

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