Miles Smiles Book Will Teach Children To Smile

Nov. 28, 2006 – Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, 29th November 2006. Author Jill Divine announces the release of her third book. Jill, whose two previous books, “Anjoy – God’s Gifts” and “The Bears” which were published by PublishAmerica, Baltimore, U.S.A., has decided to go ahead and self publish her latest book “Miles Smiles,” rather than wait for a publisher to accept it and possibly take twelve to eighteen months before the public can buy it.

Jill has taken this step because Miles Smiles has been especially written for children to enable them to understand how important a smile is, how it can help them to overcome fear and pain, and also how good they will feel when smile.

Jill started a Mexican wave of smiles in the United States in December 2005 in the hope of raising the positive energy in the world so that it may help rid us of the dark negative energy that seems to be hovering over all of us at present. Children are the next generation who must live in this world and Jill wishes to help them see how a simple smile is the quickest and easiest way to raise the positive energy as well as making them feel good.

Miles Smiles, ISBN: 1846855136 and 978-1-84685-513-9 tells the story of Miles the clown whose smile has been stolen and how he must walk miles and miles to photograph happy people so that he can fill his balloon with their smiling faces and let their laughter burst out and wipe away his frown.

Published by Exposure Publishing, an imprint of Diggory Press, Price £4.99.
Available to order from leading websites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble,,,, WH Smith, or from bricks and mortar bookstores in the UK or USA, also on Amazon Japan.
A percentage of all royalties from this book will be going to the Pied Piper Appeal, a local charity in Gloucestershire that helps raise money for child friendly equipment in the children’s ward of Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.
More about The Pied Piper Appeal (registered charity number 1011611) can be found on their website:
More about Jill Divine, her writing, and her ‘smiles,’ can be found on her website:

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