Millionaire Masterminds Launch Mortgage Program

Dallas, TX, May 05, 2015 –(– The Millionaire Masterminds programs are touted as the leading brand of celebrity masterminds and mentor programs. Sean Matheis, Founder & CEO has partnered with some of the worlds top producers in the real estate industry and his programs have sold around the world. The Millionaire Masterminds has just announced a cutting edge mortgage lead generation program that will revolutionize the way mortgage lenders generate leads.

“After working with billion dollar producing real estate teams, and celebrity real estate agents I have had access to the most cutting edge lead generation strategies in the industry.” -Sean Matheis, Founder & CEO

The Millionaire Masterminds announced this week the launch of their newest program designed for mortgage professionals called Mortgage Ads – Pro Edition. This program walks mortgage lenders through the lead generation strategies used by top real estate professionals today to generate endless supplies of quality buyer leads.

“Our goal with this program is to help mortgage professionals around the country experience the income levels they had back in the early 2000’s.”

With tight regulations placed on the mortgage industry since 2008 the top industry professionals have had to find news ways of marketing. The landscape of the mortgage industry has changed yet, marketing practices have stayed seemingly stagnant. The Millionaire Masterminds new Mortgage Ads-Pro Edition is the answer the industry has waited for. To get more information on the program visit
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