Millions are affected yet 95% do not know they have Sleep Apnea

Dec. 21, 2006 – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada – Do you snore, or know someone who does? You or they could be suffering from a serious breathing disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) affects one quarter of the population, yet more than 95 per cent of sufferers remain undiagnosed. OSA is strongly linked with stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, impotency, and diabetes. It is also a major cause of vehicle accidents due to excessive daytime sleepiness, as OSA disrupts healthy sleep patterns.

The St. Louis University Medical Center looked at 134 patients with coronary heart disease who had not been diagnosed with a sleep disorder. In the patients with an irregular heartbeat called ventricular premature contraction, more than 40 percent also had severe OSA – and didn’t realize it. (Newswire – 14-Nov-2006)

Dealing with OSA and snoring is fast becoming a top issue in medicine. Studies have shown that diabetics who are diagnosed and treated for OSA improve their overall health significantly, primary hypertension can often be treated without drugs if OSA is found to be the primary cause and patients who complain of daytime fatigue and lack of concentration are often amazed at the improvement in wellbeing after being treated for OSA.

Snoring can be indicator of OSA, and usually it is the partner in a relationship, losing sleep themselves due to snoring, who realizes there is a problem. Partners may also notice interruption in breathing, which is a serious indicator. What is apparent is that treating snoring itself can prevent or delay the serious health issues of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

What can be done to treat snoring? Lifestyle changes can help some people: losing weight, quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol use and increasing exercising are all recommended. A further range of options from surgery, dental implants to wearing a nighttime breathing apparatus (CPAP) is also available. The cost and time of sleep studies for medical diagnosis of OSA prevents many obtaining treatment. Treatments such as CPAP, Surgery and Mandibular Advancement Devices are expensive, uncomfortable and invasive.

Fortunately, treating snoring and OSA just got easier, with the introduction in Canada of the aveoTSD. The anti-snoring tongue stabilizing device is an affordable, effective and unique oral device that holds the tongue forward during sleep, stopping snoring and the affects of OSA.

The recently launched aveoTSD is quickly proving to be a simple yet effective treatment for snoring and undiagnosed OSA. This inexpensive device is available now in Canada and the United States, distributed through Ethics International Business and Trade, the owners of

Treating snoring can also treat OSA – saving relationships and saving lives. Further information is available at

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