Missing Adults Map Launched by Ekamtech

Nov. 1, 2006 – Missing Adults Map (www.missingadultsmap.com) has been released by Ekamtech (www.ekamtech.com), a search engine marketing and web design company. Using data streamed from the National Center for Missing Adults (NCMA) and Google’s mapping technologies, Missing Adults Map will improve the possibility of missing adults being found. National maps of Canada and the United States show recently missing persons and individual US state maps show all the registered missing adults in each state. The release of Missing Adults Map follows the successful release of Missing Kids Map in May 2006 (http://www.missingkidsmap.com).

On each state and national map, missing adult profiles can be found by clicking on each map’s markers. Profiles include the adult’s most recent picture, an age progression picture, if available, the adult’s name, circumstances of the disappearance and who to call if the person is seen or found. The profile also links to the NCMA profile of the missing person, which may include additional information and resources to the viewer.

Ekamtech built the Missing Adults Map and Missing Kids Map as a public service and show the utility and power of mapping technologies. Ekamtech hopes that these efforts will contribute to missing adults and children being repatriated with their families.


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