Mixing Business with Pleasure

Nov. 21, 2006 – The service is being launched by Michelle Greer, a primary supply teacher and ex-beauty queen. After attending numerous night school courses and being part of a choir and a writing group, Michelle found that many people used night school as a way of making new friends and boosting their social lives. Michelle says, ‘I thought that there must be a way of combining the learning of new skills with having fun and meeting new likeminded people. I set out to find what people would want from a service like UK ZEST. My research informed me that people wanted a no hassle, local service that allowed them to have fun, meet new people and relax at the end of a busy working week. Some people were not necessarily wanting to meet a partner or looking for a dating service, but they wanted to meet new friends and improve their social lives. Most of the people who wanted to join the service were either single or divorced and had stressful jobs. Michelle says, ‘I wanted to create a service which gave people the opportunity to socialise, meet new friends and maybe try something they’ve never tried before. I found that people were interested in a wide variety of events. Those stated ranged from pole dancing and climbing to fashion, theatre, and singles events.

— End —