Mobile Awareness Releases SafetyVOICE – Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Solution

Dec. 11, 2006 – CLEVELAND, OH – December 11, 2006 – Mobile Awareness™, a provider of leading-edge transportation safety products, today announced the release of a new speech-enunciating vehicle back-up warning alarm…SafetyVOICE™.

SafetyVOICE™ is a commercial grade reverse back-up alerting device designed to protect, individuals on foot, from injuries and fatalities resulting from a vehicle’s blind spot. Activated by placing a vehicle transmission in reverse, the system delivers human voice commands, coupled with a piercing electronic alarm. To pedestrians in proximity to the rear of a vehicle, the sound of human speech stating “please stand clear!” is readily recognized, understood and more likely reacted to than a typical back-up beeping alarm.

SafetyVOICE™ was designed to be a more effective method of preventing non-traffic pedestrian injuries and deaths that can occur around commercial trucks, delivery vans, waste management and utility vehicles, emergency vehicles, as well as school buses. “The typical beeping sounds currently found on many reverse backing devices are too often ignored or not recognized, especially by young children. To effectively capture the attention of individuals and heighten pedestrian awareness, speech-enunciating technology has been employed to alert pedestrians when a vehicle is preparing for rearward motion,”

Developed as an enhancement to object detection systems such as rear view cameras and sonar backing sensors, SafetyVOICE™ is a rugged, self-contained product manufactured from durable high-grade materials. “We wanted to provide a low cost, yet effective countermeasure to back-up accidents that could be utilized in combination with other reverse back-up accident prevention solutions,” says Gary Rothstein, president of Mobile Awareness. “With the latest research finding that, no single back-up safety device is entirely full proof in preventing all types of backing accidents; a product that would aid both the vehicle driver and the unknowing pedestrian could provide significant benefit.”

Backing accidents occur every 1.6 minutes in the United States, with pedestrian injuries accounting for 35%–40% of motor vehicle deaths in children. In November 2006, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Administrator Nicole R. Nason called for a comprehensive solution to the tragic problem of children who are backed over by motor vehicles. Rothstein adds, “Mobile Awareness is committed to that safety goal, we applaud the NHTSA for making this issue the priority it must be if we are truly going to reduce the number of vehicle related fatalities.”

About Mobile Awareness™
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