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Dec. 13, 2006 – It has been quite a while when Benefon has introduced a dual purpose mobile phone known as Benefon TWIG. It is a GPRS mobile phone along with GPS capability. With this mobile phone a user can make calls, receive and send text messages and the GPS capability enables the user to decide the optimum route to be taken in case he is in another city or country. At present this services is only limited to certain countries in Europe but the manufacturer is contemplating that the number of countries would be increased soon.

At the launch of Benefon TWIG Mobile Phone Shop UK’s spokesperson Mr. Oliver Carwin stated “We are of the thought that Benefon TWIG is the next generation mobile phone that will captivate the world with its dual functionality of GPRS and GPS. We understand that many Britons travel in and around Europe and sometimes they are unable to seek proper route information on the place they wish to reach. With the help of this satellite cum mobile phone a traveller would be able to reach his destination without any assistance from anyone else.”

Presently, Benefon TWIG does not have functionality of camera, internet or FM radio thus it would be a low volume sales for the store. But the statement from Mr. Carwin reinstates the capability of Benefon as the model which can work as a mobile phone as well as a navigational system. The store is in association with the manufacturer as they are contemplating a great future along with the manufacturer.

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