Mobill Cash the worlds First PSMS Merchant Service

Dec. 6, 2006 – subject : Vidicom launch MoBillCash the worlds First PSMS Merchant Service

Vidicom Ltd are proud to present their latest initiative Mobill Cash providing a needed alternative to credit/debit cards by allowing users to pay for items on their mobile phone bill through premium text messaging (PSMS).

Mobill Cash has already proved successful in the marketplace without cannibalising any existing payment methods. Extensive testing on a number of websites for large clients in 6 countries has proven to the industry that Mobill Cash works and can increase membership statistics by over 30%. Another benefit is that as well as having the ability to accrue more revenue than existing credit card billing it has experienced less than 0.03% of charge backs. Out of 27,000 £5 / $10 / 7.4 Euro transactions Vidicom realised 3 unhappy customers that required a refund / charge back.

Clients using Mobill Cash experienced an average increase in revenue of up to $1000 per hour in the UK alone with no cannibalisation, no additional marketing or advertising support/ spending!

Vidicom’s Managing Director Glyn Smith summarises the success of MobillCash due to ” today’s growing concerns over payment fraud such as credit cards, means people want simpler, safer alternatives as well as increased convenience. PSMS provides this as well as being totally discreet whilst allowing companies to open up to enhanced mobile services.”

Customers using MobillCash select to pay by mobile and follow the simple instructions. Mobill Cash can allow access through pin number or through confirmation of text message. A free demo is available on the website to further illustrate this simple yet very effective service.

With the increasing popularity of SMS use Mobile payments will become another widely accepted payment means providing convenience and discretion. SMS is already being used in marketing campaigns from samples & brochure requests to call backs and competitions. Allowing purchasing is just simply the next logical step which Mobill Cash has already successfully proven.

Mobill Cash is available in over 50 countries with an array of tariffs to suit. To know more please visit the website or call +44 (0)8707 606634

Glyn Smith

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