Mom Entrepreneurs Launch The Family Groove,“The Hippest Parents’ Place in Cyberspace”

Nov. 17, 2006 – The Family Groove (, an innovative and groovy new magazine, launched its premier issue on June 18, 2006. The Family Groove (TFG) is the first-of-its-kind national, online magazine for parents. TFG is a monthly magazine that shows modern-day parents how to find their groove, get in their groove, and stay in their groove by keeping moms and dads on the beat with hip tips, top trends and tried-and-true approaches to living high style with kiddies in tow.

TFG is the dynamic creation of Jillian Swartz and Amy Beth Sestito, of Red Bank and Rumson, New Jersey. Swartz and Sestito, both mothers, founded The Family Groove according to Swartz, “because we share other parents’ exhilaration, exasperation, and exhaustion. We, too, want to figure it all out: how to be the best parent possible and still maintain an identity; how to grow as an individual while shaping our children’s lives.”

The paperless and visually stunning TFG is the on-the-go, take-anywhere magazine for the socially and environmentally-minded, here-there-and everywhere modern parent. As a web-based publication, The Family Groove is accessible from your home or office computer, Blackberry, laptop, or even cell phone. At TFG, they Get It. Swartz and Sestito are busy parents themselves and get that parents want the latest and greatest, but don’t have the luxury or time to sit and read a magazine cover to cover to Get It, afford to pay for multiple magazine subscriptions to Get It, nor want the recycling hassles to Get It. TFG’s tagline, appropriately, is Get It.

TFG provides informed, fun and vital content with a worldly perspective while connecting its readers to what’s happening on the local level. “My partner, Jillian, and I have created the hippest parenting mag on the planet! We created The Family Groove online because it’s free and, as a busy mom, I would often consult the internet for baby advice or to find some great deals on ebay. Why not check out a groovy magazine while you’re surfin’ in cyberspace?” I used to spend $4 or more on parenting magazines, breeze through them (because who has time to read magazines from cover to cover?) and then throw them away,” says Sestito.

Swartz and Sestito are both business and web savvy, according to new consumer research from Leichtman Research Group (LRG), 69% of all US households now subscribe to an online service at home. LRG notes that thirty-seven percent of all households with annual household incomes over $75,000 subscribe to cable broadband. In addition, LRG forecasts that by the end of the year 2010, there will be over 105 million residential online subscribers in the US. Good news for TFG and good news for their advertisers. Just another way, Swartz and Sestito get it.

The dynamic duo have done their research and found not only that the online numbers are increasing, but that the web landscape is constantly evolving and now more than ever is interactive. Swartz and Sestito get this as well and include interactive blogs, weekly email blasts and live Amber Alerts (they are socially conscious too).

“We foster a groovy forum for all child-rearers—a modern-day coffee clutch in the Internet’s global village,” says Swartz. Both Sestito and Swartz have their own must read blogs. Freelance writer, Chelsea Kaplan, presents a hilarious, raw and witty commentary in “I’m Somebody’s Mother.”

TFG doesn’t forget the celebrity factor either. There is star power behind the scenes and on the pages of TFG from renowned child experts to celebrity designers. Julie Clark, founder of the Baby Einstein Company and The Safe Side with John Walsh will be a regular contributor with her column, Julie Clark’s Safety Zone. Kate Spade is giving fabulous fashion tips in her how-to-be-a-stylish mom column and Susan Ciminelli, skincare maven, has signed on as TFG’s contributing beauty expert. Ciminelli is famous for creating J Lo’s glow.

Swartz and Sestito masterfully couple style with substance and get that they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. September’s issue featured a Q & A with CBS Early Show anchor Hannah Storm. A graduate of Notre Dame University, Storm has covered the war in Iraq and interviewed political heavyweights, including Condoleezza Rice and Senator John McCain.

So for these two audacious, in-the-know, savvy Monmouth County New Jersey moms all that is left for them is to make sure that everyone else Gets It ( “The Family Groove is here to make your life a little easier, a little more fun, and a whole lot groovier,” say Sestito and Swartz.

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