More Philadelphia Area Hospitals Signing Up for GenToX Pharmacogenomic Testing

Local genetic testing company is experiencing rapid growth with support from the area’s leading medical professionals in joint efforts to bring personalized medical care to patients.

King of Prussia, PA, April 23, 2015 –(– Today, GenToX Inc, a pharmacogenomics and toxicology testing company specializing in personalized medicine, announced that more hospitals in the Philadelphia tri-state area have signed up to begin offering their testing services in the region.

“The fact that more and more doctors are realizing what pharmacogenomic testing can do for their patients is changing the approach to personalized medical care,” said GenToX CEO Matthew Bennett. “Testing with us is simple and has benefits far greater than both doctors and patients even realize. We are proud to be leading the way for more precise medicine,” Bennett said.

GenToX began with the mission to help physicians provide personalized medical care for their patients. Pharmacogenomic testing identifies specific genetic markers within a patient that can help providers tailor their treatment plans more exclusively to that individual. Instead of basing care, especially with regards to prescription medication, on a one size fits all approach; pharmacogenomic testing will quickly and easily give everyone involved access on how to save time and money and ultimately help patients’ live healthier lives.

”It is estimated that 75% of patients have a genetic mutation that affects their ability to metabolize certain medications that treat a variety of cardiac, psychiatric, and chronic pain conditions. Our testing finds those variants and starts helping patients immediately and it’s happening right now,” Bennett said.

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GenToX™ is a pharmacogenomic and toxicology testing company located in King of Prussia, PA. Our pharmacogenomic testing analyzes a patient’s DNA and the results help guide doctors on how well a patient metabolizes certain medications, providing personalized medical care. All of our tests come with a comprehensive report for any doctor, hospital, nursing home or healthcare plan. For more information about testing in your area, visit
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