Motivated Employees Become Dynamos Of Customer Delight

Nov. 9, 2006 – Does your company think of customer service and employee motivation as two separate and distinct issues?

Over the past twenty years, Paul Levesque has made a study of what he describes as – flashpoint businesses – the kind in which motivated workers drive up customer satisfaction, and positive feedback from happy customers drives up employee motivation.

The flashpoint effect is like a chain reaction of contagious enthusiasm. In his latest book, Customer Service Made Easy, Paul spells out how to get the chain reaction started in your workplace and keep it going !

Customer Service Made Easy (published by Entrepreneur Press) outlines a breakthrough formula for improving employee motivation and customer satisfaction at the same time.

Inside this book you will find step-by-step instructions for turning cynical and de-motivated employees into dynamos of customer delight. It’s a process that has been applied and refined in hundreds of organizations worldwide, and it’s a process that can transform the culture and bottom line of any business.

Profoundly written and now available in book stores nationwide, this is a book everyone from company executives to frontline employees should have close at hand.

About Paul Levesque:
For over ten years Paul was an executive consultant with the Achieve Group. As lead instructor of their Service Quality Academy, he helped over 350 corporate clients plan and implement their customer focus initiatives. As a keynote business speaker Paul Levesque has delivered dynamic keynote speeches from Morocco to the Baltic Sea, throughout Canada and the US. Paul is available for speaking engagements through Ph: 1-800-420-4155.

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