Mo’Twin Designs, Inc. The New Apparel Line Of Designer Cut Neckties…..

Nov. 15, 2006 – Neckwear will never be the same…..
Powder Springs, Ga. – Designers Melvin and Traci Bryant set out to expose their unique aesthetic pieces of designer neckwear called the Diamond Cut, Circle Cut and Square Cut Neckties at the 2nd Annual Comedy Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company has introduced an edgy, bold and sophisticated style in neckwear for men and women that will be apart of the gift bags given by Distinctive Assets. Focusing on introducing their “unique” styles of neckties, Mo’Twin Designs are setting the stage developing a self directed tone for necktie wearers everywhere.
“Women love variety,” says Vice President Traci Bryant, “We love a variety of shoes, handbags and clothing, why not incorporate a creative style with neckties for women.”
The neckties are under the private labels of Shamel James and Ellese Morgan collections. The company also offers 1000’s of different prints and colors of their designer neckties for any attire and occasion. The confident look that is expressed in these 3 new and exciting designs will not only add diversity to necktie wearers, but also give a choice of designer cut they would like to wear which reflects a need for change and variety in the necktie market.
The necktie designs are a well poised, self directed, savvy and bold in its creation. They generate a captivating persona whose presence illuminates first class style with fashion and is the next big idea for the fashion Industry. The expression, the power, the determination and the willingness to introduce change is initiated by the designs of Mo’Twin. To be independently different is to nurture the elegance and captivate the everyday life which is designed to preserve and secure an attitude of elegance, uniqueness and boldness, which is implanted by the necktie designs of Mo’Twin.

For more information contact:
Melvin or Traci Bryant
Mo’Twin Designs, Inc.

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