Mountain Air Gear Donates Equipment to Extreme Makeover – Home Edition

Nov. 12, 2006 – Kyle Cox, co-owner of Mountain Air Gear, a high-end outdoor gear company in Wenatchee, Washington, is proud to announce that he and partner Kevin Cox made an equipment donation to Extreme Makeover – Home Edition, the popular ABC show that dramatically transforms homes for deserving families.

It began with a call from Josh Zilm, the assistant production coordinator for the show’s film crew. Zilm inquired about Mountain Air Gear’s Coaxsher™ radio chest harness. The harness, developed and designed by Kevin and Kyle Cox, is used to hold radios and other communications equipment for people on the move. After testing one of the harnesses, Zilm wanted to outfit his entire film crew, effectively putting Mountain Air Gear on the map.

“When Josh called about using our Coaxsher™ radio chest harness, we were thrilled to have our product considered for the show’s crew,” Kyle Cox said. “When they decided to purchase the harnesses, we wanted to instead donate the equipment so that we could, in some small way, make a contribution to such a good-hearted show.”

Mountain Air Gear, co-owned by brothers Kevin and Kyle Cox, opened in April 2006 in Wenatchee, Washington. This store serves as an extension to Coaxsher™, a radio pack and backpack company they founded six years ago. Coaxsher™ provides equipment to wilderness firefighters and search and rescue professionals. For more information, contact Kyle Cox or visit the companies on the Web at and

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