MTS Management Group Guitar Virtuoso Xander Demos Announces Track Listing for New EP Release

Renowned metal guitar virtuoso, Xander Demos has announced the track listing for his upcoming EP release, tentatively titled, “Runways and Waterways.” The EP is the much-anticipated follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2012 release, “Guitarcadia.”

Pittsburgh, PA, April 22, 2015 –(– MTS Management Group and renowned metal guitar virtuoso, Xander Demos (James Rivera, Sabbath Judas Sabbath, XDB) has announced the track listing for his upcoming EP release, scheduled for late spring. Tentatively titled, “Runways and Waterways,” the EP will feature six tracks, including two original instrumentals, two original vocal tracks, and two vocal covers. It is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut, Guitarcadia (Rock ‘n’ Growl Records.) The track listing reads:

1. Judas Rising (Judas Priest cover)
2. Screaming For a Love Bite (Accept cover)
3. The Awakening (Instrumental original)
4. Perspectives (Instrumental original)
5. Dreamgate (Vocal original)
6. Power Rises (Vocal original)

Guest vocalists will be announced in the near future, along with mixing engineer(s). Like Guitarcadia, Demos is producing the tracks in his Shark’s Nest studios.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Xander Demos is signed with MTS Management Group. He has recorded and performed with James Rivera’s Sabbath Judas Sabbath, Ged Rylands’ Rage of Angels, Liberty ‘N’ Justice, Modern Superstar, James Rivera’s solo band, and others. He has also performed at the past three NAMM Metal Jams, with some of the biggest names in metal. Xander will also appear in the upcoming metal movie, Hair I Go Again. Xander has performed at Skull Fest, Wolf Fest, Warriors of Metal and Rock Harvest II, and other notable metal festival events. His track, “Dancing Through Daggers” (mixed by JK Northrup of XYZ/King Kobra) appeared on the Versailles Records compilation release, Guitar Wizards Vol. 3 and 4, alongside members of Kiss, Poison, Whitesnake, and others. Xander is also scheduled to appear on the Versailles Records Queen Tribute album. His album, Guitarcadia was mixed by CJ Snare of Firehouse, and it was named as one of the best albums of 2012, by major publications.
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