My Walk With Jesus – Christian Encouragement

Dec. 29, 2006 – Although the paper is only 1 year old, it has already traveled to different continents of the world, being read in US, Europe and Africa. The owner of the paper, James Imbragulia comments: “The Lord put it on my heart in March ’05 to begin the paper (the first issue was printed in Jan. ’06). I said there’s no human way and there wasn’t, but there was a God way. He made the roads straight for the money, time and resources to begin publishing it.”

James, who has been a truck driver his whole life, is not a newcomer in publishing industry. While living without the Lord Jesus as His Savior, he published a country music newspaper. With contagious enthusiasm James continues to share his vision: “I feel it was from the Lord because it constantly stayed on my mind, even when I tried to think of other things and put it out of my mind. It was there from the time I woke up until I went to bed. He not only made the roads straight, He gave me the confidence to begin it.”

My Walk With Jesus is a 16-page newspaper, filled with real life stories and testimonies of God’s power to help and heal when circumstances are hard. It contains strong encouraging and uplifting articles from gifted story tellers and anointed Bible teachers. One whole page is dedicated to poetry lovers and a page for prayer needs. The readers’ funny bones have not been forgotten either. The newest project is a health section.

Many readers have sent their thank you notes to James. Here are a few:

“Thank you. I have received the February issue of My Walk With Jesus. You have done a fine job. I am impressed with the large number of contributing writers. It is evident that God is blessing your ministry.

May God continue to bless your ministry in a special way.
Richard Wimer :o) Washington”

“I love reading articles, stories and testimonies from people who really experienced them in their lives. Your paper is very interesting and spiritually uplifting.

May God bless you, Jim in your service for Him.
Edna Weaver, TN”

“I have been so excited to watch your paper grow. I love your web site too! Isn’t it wonderful to see God’s hand working? Thanks so much!

In Christ!
Lisa Buffaloe, Texas”

“Dear James,

The October issue of My Walk With Jesus is an inspirational testament to Christianity. My favorite pieces were “Because of Me” and “Where Angels Walk”. Story telling is a great way to share a message without sounding preachy.

Blessings to you,
Karen O’Leary, ND”

“I got my newspaper yesterday my friend and I just finished reading it. It always uplifts me with its stories of love and light. I especially loved the story from the foreign exchange student. I will keep him in my prayers. God bless you always. Wishing you every joy,

Joe Mazzella, WV”

“I’m so blessed with your website… I will tell my friends to look at it too.

In Christ,
Betchie, Philippines”

“My Walk With Jesus how vibrant and alive
each story and poem about how we survive
how encouraging and inspiring I find as I read
and I do thank you dear friend JIM for sending indeed.

Leona Ebling, MO”

— End —