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Dec. 2, 2006 – vinayRas Infotech is proud to present aims to be the complete information portal for the people of Jamshedpur by including sections like – Online Shopping, Job posting/searching, Travel & Tours etc.

To start with, the website is offering:

1) About Jamshedpur section –> History of Jamshedpur, Zoos in Jamshedpur, welfare associations, Govt offices and Festivals, etc

2) 24 hr services –> List of medical stores, blood banks, Ambulance service, Fire Brigade service, Jamshedpur police, etc

3) Education Jamshedpur –> Universities, schools, colleges of Jamshedpur

4) Jamshedpur Travel –> It gives us an idea of Air, Trian, Bus routes etc of Jamshedpur. Online Travel booking system coming soon.

5) Entertainment Jamshedpur –> Gives an idea of clubs, movie halls etc in Jamshedpur

6) Home services –> Gives lists of courier services. Onsite Home delivery system to be in place soon.

7) Jamshedpur district –> Gives list of all Tehsils in Jamshedpur

News is updated as it happens (Online and offline). You can always get the latest news on the website. Users have ability to maintain their own blogs.

First website to offer such kind of feature.

Register yourself today, to keep yourself updated regarding latest happening in Jamshedpur

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