MySpace Profile Hack Reinvigorates Los Karma Web 2.0 Marketing Campaign

Nov. 15, 2006 – Long established in the Ska-Punk-Core scene in Baja Norte and So Cal, Los Karma of Las Playas de Tijuana is urgently re-building up their MySpace fan base just TWO WEEKS before the final vote for Avalon Graphic Promotion’s Bands of The World competition.

Plummeting from a respectable MySpace fan base of about 15,000 down to zero, Los Karma took no guff from Tom after their profile appeared to have been hacked. Los Karma and their dedicated street team of myspaceros immediately started contacting their fans and supporters. With the help of the Los Karmaceuticos ( ), Erik, Memo, Omar and Rodrigo have re-established a core base of 342 loyal fans almost overnight. Please visit and send Los Karma a friend request!

Most musicians on MySpace could imagine the angst a musician would feel at losing a valuable marketing tool and fan gathering place just as they are reaching a hard-earned goal and Los Karma is generating support from other MySpace registered bands.

“Los Karma just needs a bump in the final two weeks of voting. They are the long standing front runners but they’ve dropped into second place over the last few days. It’s highly unlikely that they will lose their spot on the tour over the next two weeks of voting just because of a smack down from our mercurial Tom, but it’s possible, and I’d say, a bit undeserved,” says JT, alpha stratego of The Oturl Group. Through The Eyes of Eve, of Wollongong, NSW
Australia currently holds the top spot in the import lineup.

How can you support independent musicians who promote themselves with a limited or zero-sum marketing budget?

1. Visit and listen to the finalist “import bands” and the finalist “local bands.”

More than anything, independent musicians want to be heard. MySpace and competitions like the one offered by Avalon Graphic Promotions give opportunities to locally successful bands to find listeners and fans without geographical or financial limitations.

“Strangely enough, Avalon doesn’t list Los Karma as a local band, even though the band members live a guitar pick toss away from San Diego and closer than the LA-based “local” bands in the competition. Not a criticism…just an observed curiosity of how we define “local.” Erik, Memo, Omar and Rodrigo have USA visas and are ‘no stranger’ to San Diego venues and music festivals.” –JT

In structuring the Sponsorship Package for Avalon Graphic Promotions Music Tour, The Oturl Group did a little switcharooski and called the local bands “domestic” because while Los Karma is local to Southern California (Northern Baja starts 1 mm south of So Cal), they are intoxicating imports just like the Tecate beer that’s brewed not far from some of their favorite venues along the US-Mexico border.

Please contact Avalon Promotions for information about sponsorship opportunities: 858.538.5252 or

2. Vote for your favorite import and domestic band at

These unsigned bands in contention for the final eight slots have already beat out 536 hopefuls.. Most of the voting so far has really been a “battle of the fans,” street teams, and non-stop electioneering by the top contenders. Once the final cut is made on December 1, 2006, the top eight will begin preparing for a 30-day 24-7 battle-of-the-bands viral-video “fishbowl in a warehouse.” Tune in on YouTube and MySpace, January 1-Jaunary 31, 2007.

Los Karma Biography in Spanish:

Los Karma, el Cuarteto Ruidoso de Rock de las Lejanas Playas de Tijuana B.C. México, esta integrado por 4 Individuos quienes tienen simplemente la Inquietud de Compartir sus Sentimientos a través de su Música… Erik Hidalgo (Guitarra y Voz), Rodrigo Flores (Bajo y Coros), Omar Becerra (Batería y Coros) y Memo Guerrero (Guitarra y Coros), son quienes le dan vida a un proyecto que inicio desde cero hace más de 10 años y que gracias a su amistad, constancia y entrega han podido lograr permanecer vigentes y evolucionando cada vez con mejores resultados.
Actualmente esta joven y trabajadora banda es una de las más importantes impulsoras de la escena de rock en Tijuana, su constancia, determinación y esfuerzo por crecer como grupo y su inquietud por producir eventos y festivales de rock en apoyo a la música regional, hizo que lograran establecerse como una de las bandas más respetadas dentro de la escena roquera local, obteniendo así rápidamente cientos de seguidores en su ciudad Tijuana como también en las ciudades de los alrededores, California y el resto de México.

Los Karma is also a contender in the Rock Cuervo Roll:
Primera eliminatoria:
30 de noviembre
Ciudad de México
City Hall (Moliere 480, col. Polanco)
9:00 p.m.

— End —