NABC Recognizes Michael Turner and Friends as Life Champions of the Month, Calls on Target to Drop Its Suit Against Them

Michael Turner and friends sued by Target for heroism. Recognized by North American Boxing Council for good works.

Pittsburgh, PA, July 28, 2015 –(– Michael Turner and three friends, Jobe Wright, Roland Smith and Tyreek Walker, stopped the stabbing of a teenage girl in a Pittsburgh Target store two years ago. For their bravery they are recognized as NABC Life Champions.

They got involved despite the risks. Risks including one they couldn’t have foreseen two years ago in the middle of the chaos of an attack by a mentally ill man with a lethal weapon.

Allison Meadows, the stabbing victim, and her family have expressed thanks for those who stopped the attack.

In dangerous situations we are often on our own. It is heartening when we can count on others for help in a crisis before emergency services arrives. Because sometimes emergency services arrives too late.

Under the doctrine of “no good deed goes unpunished,” however, Target is suing the men who stopped the attack, blaming them instead of the attacker.

The North American Boxing Council calls on Target to drop its suit today.
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