NAC Systems: Dubious Identity shall be debarred!

Nov. 25, 2006 – Network control access solutions, devices that connect to the network, conform to the established security policies. The market for these solutions is expanding day by day, as they offer infallible security to businesses. An increasing number of companies are also using access control systems as a way to comply with the federal and state laws. Industry experts believe that Network Access Control (NAC) market will increase from US$ 323 Million in 2005 to US$3.9 Billion in 2008, propelled by the impending rate of malware infections. These attacks have raised serious concerns regarding the security of corporate networks.

NAC systems enable customers to authenticate the identity of the user connecting to the network. In the years to come, new rollouts of security systems will include more rigorous control over identity, providing customers the ability to restrict access to important resources.

RNCOS’ recent report, “Access Control Technologies and Market Forecast World Over (2007)” highlights the emerging prospects of the global access control market.

An analysis of the market trends reveals that the global manufacturer revenue for NAC (Network Access Control) enforcement will reach around US$ 4 Billion by the year 2008.

The highlights of the report includes the following:

– Analysis of the Access control market by segments.
– Analysis of the market drivers and plausible barriers.
– Contribution of biometric systems based on size, sales and geographical locations.
– Expansion of smart cards usage and its advantages.
– Implementation of the security systems worldwide and benefits.
– The significance of the security sector in the private, public and national domains.
– Market growth and future forecast of Access control technology.

The report, “Access Control Technologies and Market Forecast World Over (2007)” provides an in-depth analysis of the evolving technologies, growth prospects and challenges of the access control and security surveillance technology market worldwide.

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