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Wisdom of Nature (WON) Marketplace divulges recent findings for the nutraceutical industry and summer shoppers, and celebrates a partnership with the marketplace’s newest organic nutrition and skincare supplier, Real Aloe Inc.

Tampa, FL, July 30, 2015 –(– Wisdom of Nature (WON) Marketplace helps to foster a greener, more health conscious world through partnerships with leading organic and environmentally aware nutraceutical suppliers and announcements about cutting-edge solutions, industry updates, insights, tips, news and research. Today the WON team is happy to announce both the discovery of a new natural news report for savvy shoppers and the adoption of the team’s newest business partner and nutraceutical supplier for the online marketplace, Real Aloe.

Real Aloe was founded over 40 years ago as a result of the personal experience founder, Frank Mundell’s, wonderful experience with the health benefits of aloe vera leaves. This ignited a drive to share the experience with the world and led to the creation of Real Aloe Inc. Since the company’s creation, no effort has been spared to bring to consumers products with the greatest purity and potency possible. This is a team that believes in and practices the original method of ‘hand filleting’ leaves, which allows for adequate maintenance of biological activity and maximum effectiveness from the aloe leaves. Today, Real Aloe is proud to produce and represent the finest Aloe Vera products available for shoppers with WON Marketplace.

Among of the many rationales behind many health conscious consumers taking advantage of this aloe vera options this summer are nine which were released in recent new report. It explains nine benefits of the aloe vera plant including the fact that they, “Are high in vitamins and minerals (1); Contain adaptogens, which improve the health of the adrenal or stress system (2); Improve digestion (3); Help in body detoxification (4); Alkalize or balance acid in the body (5); Are excellent for both general skin and wound care (6); Are high in essential amino acids (7); Can reduce inflammation (8); And can even help with weight loss (9)” (Zee News, July 12th, 2015). This is a solid solution for people that genuinely invested in their both their physical health and overall well-being for the long-term. For those that care about their bodies, Real Aloe is a reliable resource.

One of Real Aloe’s most popular product offerings for the summer is a modestly packaged bottle of ‘Aloe Vera Gel’ (View it on WON Marketplace: It’s described as providing the the freshest, highest quality California grown aloe vera, available on the modern market. The incredible ingredients that make up the bottle’s contents include aloe barbadensis miller, that is the leaf’s inner gel, processed water and carrageenan, better known as, Irish moss. ‘Aloe Vera Gel’ can both be taken by mouth and/or applied externally on the skin. It serves as a great resource for shoppers seeking solutions for digestive health, increased absorption of other dietary supplements, summer sunburns and even basic wound care. These and other reliable resources are easily accessible for any and everyone via the WON Marketplace e-Commerce site at anytime.

Together with Real Aloe Inc. and the many other incredible nutraceutical partners that have gathered together in WON Marketplace, we can all celebrate the creation of a greener planet and our collective journey to greater health.

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