Naughty Nighties Not.

Nov. 10, 2006 – The ardent environmentalists demanded that the lingerie company stop pulping virgin timber to pump out its never ending stream of slick catalogs – more than one million per day according to some estimates in bi-weekly mailings to customers.

Using OnGuard’s heavy-duty locks, two members of the activist group Catalogs Without Clearcuts bolted their necks to the front door of the sultry wardrobe company’s Broadway and 85th Street boutique and prevented shoppers from entering for nearly an hour.

Dozens of other protesters supporter the cause by chanting to early morning passers by – “Victoria’s is stripping forests bare, just to sell your underwear!” and “Victoria Secret, don’t you know it’s wrong to log the forest to sell your thongs?”

No, there was nothing slinky about the OnGuard brand chains and locks protesters used to secure themselves to the front door of Victoria’s Secrets on the West Side of Manhattan on November 9.
According to the Village Voice, one of the region’s most respected news organizations, the police took the demo in stride. At 10:40 a.m., a team from the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit arrived to cut the locks. First they attempted to clip the casehardened steel chains with a pair of giant bolt cutters. When that didn’t work, they tried to saw through the links with a Sawzall. Finally they brought out the big guns– a hydraulic powered Hurst tool (the kind used to pry people from car wrecks), which looked like a big lobster claw, and which snapped the links like celery stalks.

Stewart Goldsmith of OnGuard Locks mused, “I guess no one can accuse OnGuard locks of not being sexy.” He added, “Seriously though, this news event was an odd testimonial to the strength and durability of our locks. Maybe this opens up an entirely new market for us – radical environmental organizations?”

Victoria’s Secrets did not return calls from the press and put out a statement that the company was a “leader in the retail industry with respect to waste reduction and recycling.”

The protesters were cuffed and taken away by police and expected to be charged with disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, and criminal mischief. There was no immediate information about the brand of cuff used to resecure the perpetrators.

OnGuard adding greater security for a wide range of uses.
Many continue to scheme and attack locking devices. OnGuard continues to fortify and enhance its lock systems to provide the best protection possible. OnGuard’s vast arsenal of locks includes U-locks, armored cables, standard cable locks, heavy-duty coil cables , covered chain/padlock , Disc locks, jacket and helmet locks . Each lock category features both key-accessed lock models and 7-pin cylinder combination lock models.

OnGuard has quickly become the standard setter for a whole new generation of locks. The latest breakthrough, the X4 Power Quattro Bolt locking mechanism, offers a level of security unparalleled in the industry.

OnGuard’s locks, whether key or combination lock, are tested, approved and certified by the most important European test organizations (including Classe SRA, SBSC, ART, Sold Secure, and Thatcham) to guard bikes and power sport vehicles the world over. OnGuard locks come with a lifetime warranty, the aforementioned laser-cut keys and microlight key (with all M-key locks), key registration, free key replacement service, and “Keyed Alike” capability.

The OnGuard logo and slogan (One Mean Lock) are protected by Registered Trademarks.

OnGuard locks may be obtained at more than 3,000 specialty bike stores and 1,500 power sports stores nationwide. For more information OnGuard Products, go to

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