Neat Introduces Innovative Invoice Parsing Technology

The Neat Company continues its trend of giving time back to its customers with the debut of their invoice parsing technology. As the leader in smart organization for small businesses, Neat knows how important it is to keep track of financial documents without wasting time on manual data entry. With InDocument Identification Technology ™, accounting application integrations, and now invoice parsing, Neat equips small businesses with the tools they need to streamline their operations and get to what matters.
Neat is no stranger to the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs, as is evidenced by two of their current, helpful features:
1. InDocument Identification Technology ™ uses Neat technology to recognize scanned documents such as receipts, business cards and invoices. By extracting the important information from these documents and making it keyword searchable, manual data entry is eliminated and time is gained to spend on more important matters.
2. Neat’s full integration with QuickBooks® Online allows for management of expenses, bills and finances in a single, simplified workflow.
Neat’s latest feature, invoice parsing, further eliminates the need for manual data entry by extracting key information from invoices including: vendor, invoice date, invoice due date, invoice number, amount, purchase order number and terms. Better still, invoices can be sent to QuickBooks® Online with one-click, allowing the invoice data and image to be viewed directly in the QuickBooks® Online interface, making financial document navigation that much smoother.
By introducing invoice parsing, Neat is giving its customers the power to easily and comprehensively manage their accounting workflows. Small businesses are always in need of easy-to-use, affordable solutions for their everyday problems and The Neat Company is proud to support the entrepreneurial community with smart organization solutions.
About Neat®
Neat® is the leading provider of Smart Organization Systems for the small business and home office markets. Neat’s unique combination of cloud, mobile, desktop software and hardware scanning solutions transform important documents into usable digital information. Neat helps users organize access and share both paper and digital documents simplifying everyday tasks so they have more time to get to what matters. Neat’s solutions consist of NeatConnect®, NeatDesk®, NeatReceipts®, Neat cloud service, NeatVerify®, Concierge Scanning Service and Neat’s mobile application. Learn more at
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