Neota Logic Announces Release of Neota Logic Server 7.6

Neota Logic Inc. today announced the release of Neota Logic Server 7.6, the latest version of its unique software for the automation of expertise and business processes.
Version 7.6 of Neota Logic Server (“NLS”) simplifies design of user interfaces for mobile devices of all kinds and adds new tools for modular reasoning.
“In this development cycle, we have focused on two themes sounded by our clients: user experience and complex reasoning,” said Michael Mills, Neota Logic’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “Mobile-first is the design standard for end-user applications now. Combining that simplicity with uniquely powerful reasoning is our lodestar.”
Key enhancements include:
Mobile-First Design
New tools for designing user interfaces incorporate responsive design techniques based on the Bootstrap framework so that applications automatically optimize the user experience for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Precise customization of an application’s look-and-feel can be done without expertise in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
SharePoint Integration
A custom SharePoint web part enables Neota Logic applications to be presented in SharePoint portals, with SharePoint managing user accounts and authentication to provide Single Sign-On (SSO).
Apps in Multiple Languages
The Translation Manager enables Neota Logic applications to be maintained efficiently in multiple languages and delivered in the user’s choice of language.
Modular Logic
Reusable Issues are an easy method for modularizing complex logic and applying it iteratively to multiple data sets.
For perspective on the updates in Version 7.6, please read our blog post: Mobility & Complexity: Neota Logic Server 7.6. For details and documentation, please contact support(AT)
Neota Logic Server leverages expertise and judgment at Internet scale. It enables people who are not programmers to develop, test, and deploy expert systems to solve legal, compliance, and business process problems. NLS combines individually powerful reasoning methods—decision trees, decision tables, if/then rules, formulas, weighted scorings, spreadsheets, and others—and a sophisticated document engine into a single artificial intelligence platform.
About Neota Logic Inc.
Neota Logic is a global provider of an innovative expert system software platform that allows for the rapid building and deployment by non-programmers of rules-based applications. Our easy to maintain applications provide solutions which can deliver process improvements, reduce risk, ensure compliance or support revenue generation by combining rules, reasoning, decision management and document automation. Neota Logic applications are mobile-ready, can be embedded in portals and websites, and integrate easily with other systems. For more information, please visit