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Nov. 21, 2006 – November 21, 2006 New York, NY–Networking. The sound of the word can make the most seasoned individual cringe with anticipation of the unpleasant scene of an out-of-work executive trying to get job leads out of a non-descript, pointless conversation. Hailed as the newest force in professional networking, MERGE Elite Networking & Urban Philanthropy has created an exclusive and conducive environment for industry leaders to meet, conceptualize and negotiate affirmative business plans. Behold a new era of networking: MERGE Online.

Nia Michelle, owner of Purpose Media Management partnered with Byron Jackson of Paragon Management to compile the website after witnessing countless individuals and organizations, including themselves, struggle to connect and launch their careers, projects and/or services. The website, has purposefully devised 5 specialized networks that offer assistance by way of the Internet. Students, professionals, artists, small businesses and non-profit organizations can now successfully network, secure information & opportunities from the comfort of their PC.

“Because I make significant use of the Internet in providing public relations services, I realized the potential of this vast network for helping others jump-start and broaden their opportunity’s in a medium with which they’ve become quite comfortable,” Michelle said.

MERGE Online delivers promotional discounts, business tools, news, and pro-bono services through direct communications between all 5 networks and business affiliates. Information about publications, web links, upcoming services, and events are all among the material available on the site and through the MERGE Online mailing list. MERGE Online currently has 68 corporate affiliates, strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations and serves a public mailing list of over 6,000. MERGE corporate affiliates include, but are not limited to, Amp’d Mobile, Baby Phat, BMG, Equifax, Hewlett Packard, Forbes Investment, JLo, Kodak, Paypal. Phat Farm, RocaWear, Sony, Staples, Starbucks, T Mobile, Travelocity and Unicef.

It’s a well designed and comprehensive site,” said Nia Michelle. In an attempt to offer extensive networking & resource information to all who need it, MERGE Online is free to all who wish to access and/or join. In addition to networking, MERGE Online strives to increase the recognition of, trust in and support for the nonprofit sector. By bringing together diverse entities, MERGE Online encourages the flow of information to maximize favorable opinion and minimize obstacles to success

MERGE Online is designed to offer greater breadth and scope than similar networking sites, Michelle said. “Unlike other networking sites, MERGE Online doesn’t just provide links to other resources; it provides helpful editorial content and links to even more invaluable information” she said. Michelle noted that the frequently updated site is also the one of the only one to provide a comprehensive directory of individual professionals.

For more information please visit MERGE Online at All media & corporate inquiries can be directed to Purpose Media Management at
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