Networking for Success

Nov. 18, 2006 – There is strength in numbers. For small business owners and entrpreneurs, advertising can be expensive, but word of mouth is free. Kelle Sparta advises networking to build a wide customer base.

“One of the cheapest and most effective forms of marketing yourself is networking,” says Sparta, “Many people realize this, but few do it well.” Sparta is the founder of Sparta Success Systems (, a real estate training company that helps brokers and agents develop better relationships with their clients.

Sparta offers the following tips for successful networking:

Create a goal and stick to it: “For instance, your goal might be to meet 10 people, discuss your business with them, and give each of them two of your cards while collecting at least one of theirs.” But Sparta advises, “Don’t get side-tracked with conversation.”

Have a creative “What do you do?” answer: “If I said, ‘I’m a real estate sales coach and trainer,’ it would be boring and people wouldn’t ask anything else.” Sparta says “So, I say, ‘I help real estate agents create lives and businesses they can love.’ Then people ask how I do this.”

Have an elevator pitch: Give people the information they ask for quickly. In 30 seconds or less, make what you do sound like what they need. Try using emotional hot-buttons.

Have a follow-up plan: Make a date to follow-up with the person if they seem interested. If they have a referral for you, then make a plan to follow-up with that referral or to get his/her contact info from the person.

Give back: “If you want people to give you business and referrals, you need to offer the same in return,” Sparta explains. The more business you feed to other people, the more they will feed back to you.

Have fun: “People like to talk to happy people,” Sparta says. “The more fun you are having, the more popular you will become. Enjoy yourself and make a great living at the same time.”

Kelle Sparta is the founder of Sparta Success Systems, a real estate training company that provides tools, products, and training to empower agents and brokers to create lives and businesses they can love. She is the author of The Consultative Real Estate Agent – Building Relationships that Create Loyal Clients, Get More Referrals, and Increase Your Sales, as well as being a speaker and trainer specializing in the real estate industry.

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