NeuroTech OS Automated Forex Trading Systems Hit Record Growth in Record Time

Leading startup ITM Financial continues to cement its place as one of the leading automated forex and binary options trading software providers worldwide. With an aggregate growth of 11.1% since August 2014, NeuroTech OS has proven its robustness by standing firm despite some of the toughest forex trading conditions we have ever seen rattle even the most heavyweight FX hedge funds. The key to its success: neural forex networks.
“The robustness of the system in the face of ridiculously tough market conditions comes down to its unique ability to handle drawdown”, said CEO of ITM Financial. “We have seen more automated forex trading systems drop out of the market in 2014 than ever before, largely due to the currency markets exhibiting highly erratic, volatile movements, making short-term trading a most challenging effort. This is where NeuroTech OS has excelled in managing draw down periods and calibrating itself to recover losses consistently.”
NeuroTech OS boasts an AHPR of 0.07% meaning it generates a 0.07% return per trade when the system is deployed. This metric itself is something retail traders have been hugely excited about, a system that statistically guarantees a 0.07% or more return per trade executed, something 9/10 forex trading systems have failed to achieve in 2014.
The “Risk of Ruin” or how likely it is for NeuroTech OS to “go bust” is also very encouraging. According to real account performance statistics, there is a less than 0.01% chance of the system losing 50% of equity, a less than 4.4% chance of the system losing 20% of equity, and a less than 22.88% chance of the system losing 10% of equity – phenomenal numbers!
The system averages 1.58% per month safely, while alternative investments at banks offer anywhere from 0.01 to 0.2% in the same time period. It has generated a ginormous return of 11.1% over the same period that most major FX hedge funds showed poor performance.
An AHPR of 0.07% and Expectancy of 2.8 pips per trade, guarantees end-users short, medium and long-term profitability, both with fixed and compounded investments.
In the face of draw down periods, NeuroTech OS has the ability to not only recover losses quickly, but buffer equity by engaging in more calibrated frequency trades, offering end-users one of the safest, high performance automated forex trading systems ever seen.
ITM also develops manual forex trading systems for Binary Options traders, with their ITM Genesis Analyst product incorporating price and volume spread analysis in real-time.