New Association for Website Owners

Nov. 18, 2006 – For Release November 20th 2006

November 18th 2006

Author David Epstein

New Association for Website Owners

Web Marketers Association announces a new trade association for web marketers that takes online trust and credibility to a new level.
The new Association was officially launched on November 14th 2006.

The news is full of stories about online rip-offs and shoddy merchandise being sold by scam artists who take the money and run.

Today’s savvy buyer wants allot more than a few testimonials and a sales pitch before they make a buying decision at a website. They want a safe and easy transaction and want to know if they can trust the seller to deliver as promised.

From the seller’s point of view, they know they have to gain the trust and confidence of the buyer and distinguish themselves from the ever-growing number of competitors. Belonging to a respected trade association that upholds ethical business practice is now more important than ever.

Web Marketers Association does just that. Membership if free. You can also become a Sponsoring member for the modest annual fee of $39.95 and gain all the extra benefits. As well as the special discounts that are expected in membership associations like
discounted hotels and car rentals, Web Marketers Association offers a group health plan geared towards internet marketers who, due to usually only employing a few employees, would otherwise find it difficult to obtain. Further benefits for becoming a sponsoring member include the opportunity to JV with all members and join the affiliate program to earn a commission on all sponsoring members they invite into the association.

Association Members will also be allowed to display the association logo on their site. On clicking on this, potential customers will be able to check that the vendor is in good membership standing. This will also be a passive money earner for all members displaying the association icon. Anyone who clicks on the icon and then joins the association as a sponsoring member as a result of this, will earn for the referrer a 50% commission which will be a continuous annual recurring income as long as that member remains a sponsoring member.

From the consumer’s point of view, a vendor’s credibility can be checked out before a purchase is made. Says David Epstein – CEO and founder of the Oregon based organization “ I can truly state that anyone who joins a trade association and is committed to adhering to the associations business code of ethics, obviously has great confidence in what they have to sell and the way they conduct business.

For further information on how to become a member of this service visit or send an email to

David Epstein

CEO & Founder

Web Marketers Association

Phone 541-753-7903

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