New Bible Version Fixes Dysfunctional Bible Words

As the English language changes, more Bible words become dysfunctional and the Bible, harder to understand. The “New Testament – Breakthrough Version” fixes this growing problem by using a new set of words and a literal translation in today’s words.

Wichita, KS, May 05, 2015 –(– The New Testament of a new Bible version (“New Testament – Breakthrough Version”) will be released June 4, 2015 by Breakthrough Version Publishing ( to fix the growing dysfunction of Bible words in today’s Bible versions.

As the English language changes, Bibles do not. Each year more and more Bible words become dysfunctional. The “New Testament – Breakthrough Version” replaces over four hundred Bible words that are either misleading, outdated, or incorrect with modern day translations of the original Greek words. It also corrects many improperly translated passages.

“Many of the Bible’s English words date back to 1395 when John Wycliffe translated the first English Bible from Latin,” explains Ray Geide, the translator of this book. “Today’s unique Bible words were common everyday words in 1395. Many of these words have changed in meaning or become outdated. Despite this, most of them are still in today’s Bibles. This is a problem for people who do not have Biblical training.”

A recent survey done by Breakthrough Version Publishing shows that people could not pick out the correct meaning of twelve of the Bible’s most common words. The average score for the multiple choice survey was thirty-two percent. 81% of the respondents did not provide the correct answer for “grace.” 92% did not know what “lord” means. 83% did not know what “worship” means. 83% did not know what “Christ” means. 82% did not know what “disciple” means. And 84% did not know what “only begotten” means.

To fix this dysfunction with Bible words, Bible translator, Ray Geide, has spent more than three decades developing a new set of words that accurately portray the original meaning of the Bible. He used these words and many new translating breakthroughs to write this New Testament.

The translator, Ray Geide, has a BA in Biblical theology and an MDiv in New Testament Studies. He has taught the Bible in many churches and been the pastor of four churches. He was a church planter in Russia from 1993 to 2002. He has written several study guides and articles on the Bible.
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