New Book “Dismantles The Myths Of American Christianity”

Dec. 4, 2006 – “Be Not Deceived,” the recently released book from author Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr. and his daughter Kelly Helen Mrkvicka has just received its review from Author’s Choice Reviews (ARC), an independent religious forum.
“I’m very please with the review,” said Mrkvicka. “It’s clear the book’s message is being well received.”
From ARC reviewer, Carolyn Scheidies. “The author bravely dismantles the myths of American Christianity and draws us firmly back onto the foundation of Biblical faith.
“Many preach and live a Christianity that is simply a weekly comfort fix, which is a far cry from the submitted followers God asks us to be. Salvation is only part of the picture as faith without works is dead. We show we know Christ by our thoughts, words and actions. If we aren’t living our faith, can we truly claim to know Christ?
“A thoughtful and well-written call back to Biblical Christianity and Christ.”
The reviewer for The Writer’s Edge, a division of the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association says of “Be Not Deceived,” “The reader will become engaged and compelled to keep reading. This is an interesting book.”
Mrkvicka, a former bank president, lifetime Bible student, and lay minister, says that “Be Not Deceived” was a joy to write, yet technically difficult, as the subject of true biblical Christianity is, over time, being lost to a false, earthly interpretation that is deceiving millions of followers into giving up their rightful claim to life everlasting without even knowing it – and that’s a message many don’t want to hear. However, Mrkvicka feels encouraged, as his experience has been that when people hear Scripture as written, and not secularly interpreted, they almost always return to God and His commandments.
“Be Not Deceived” is available by calling 1-888-232-4444, or accessing, or

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