New book on Radical Christianity answers Rosie and Radical Islam

Nov. 4, 2006 – This new book challenges popular beliefs about the religion of Jesus and is especially relevant following the comments of Rosie O’Donnell and the rise of radical Islam. Lost understandings are thoroughly presented on wealth and the use of force to address evil.

The volume is divided into three parts: the first addressing the radical principles of personal finance, the second pertaining to the teachings of Jesus on non-violence, and the third looking briefly at specific ideas to apply the radical principles of generosity and peaceful living. The second part includes a chapter on practical approaches for peacemaking in relationships as well as an extensive concordance of words in scripture related to non-violence intended to assist the reader in further study of the biblical text in depth.

Perhaps too often in popular versions of Christianity and in the lives of individual Christians, there is an absence or softening of the real application of the teaching of Jesus.

The ideas presented are an effort to provide examples of how the radical teachings of Jesus can be put into practice in everyday life.

206 pages, 8.5/5.5 inches, laminated cover, perfect binding, price: $22.50 US, index and bibliography.

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