New Book – "The Feeling of Love: Swedenborg’s New Church"

This book is an esoteric interpretation of Swedenborg’s theological writings, written from a sinner’s perspective, as a personal spiritual memoir meant to impart guidance by example, and as a hands-on self-help book on how to birth the Divine Feminine Essence within.

San Francisco, CA, May 09, 2015 –(– In this book, the author traces the Divine back to its original source as Love & Innocence, which begins in the body as a sensual feeling of love, and by the process of regeneration, becomes the Word of God. Then, by sharing the Word of God, it becomes a Heavenly Feeling of Love – a blissful union with the Divine within – Swedenborg’s New Church.

The New Church is a Life of Love, without any pain, but it also has a two-fold purpose. For when the feeling of love, from a sensual life experience, has been transformed into the Heavenly Feeling of Love, and when done on a mass scale it ultimately manifests as the true purpose of the New Church, Swedenborg’s New Jerusalem, a Visible Divine Essence, the Brotherhood of Mankind, a visible Heaven on Earth.

Clayten Tylor, is a Certified Esoteric Astrologer, Numerologist, and Mystic. He holds many unrecognized degrees on subjects such as Spiritual Healing, Occult Psychology, Metaphysics, Sacred Science, Mystical Cabala, Color Therapy, Contemporary Spirituality, Trans-personal Religious experiences, Counseling, and, is an avid Swedenborg enthusiast.
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