New Brazilian Leather Handbag Online Store Launched

Nov. 19, 2006 – November 17, 2006


New Brazilian Leather Handbag Online Store Launched

(Mercer Island, WA) A new Brazilian leather handbag store,, launched earlier this week. The store features over 45 different styles of leather handbags, varying from crocodile-styled embossed to classical leather satchel handbags. “The interest for high quality and exotic leather handbags at accessible prices was tremendous, so we just went ahead and did it,” the company said.

Drawing from over 80 years of family tradition and hard labor on women’s fashions, considers social and ethical responsibility as a core value. “We believe that we need to be conscious of the social impact of everything we do, and an important step is to only purchase from artisans making living wages,” said co-founder Flavia Markiewicz. “We should not conduct business at the expense of other people’s quality of life,” Markiewicz said.

The company draws its name from the Rose Dolphin, also known as pink river dolphin or Amazon river dolphin which is a freshwater or river dolphin. It lives mainly in the Amazon River basin, in the north of Brazil.

In a traditional Brazilian myth, at night the rose dolphin, which is called “Boto Cor-de-Rosa” in Portuguese, becomes a handsome young man who marries girls and becomes the father of their children. It is said that there are hundreds of people today whose birth certificates have the Boto listed as the father. When described in the context of this myth, when the Boto emerges as a handsome young man from the river, he hides his nose by wearing a top hat like in the Rose Dolphin logo.


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