New eBook with Source Codes: MySharpSQL version 1.1


Yeoh HS

Announcing New eBook with Source Codes: MySharpSQL version 1.1

Yeoh HS, who runs an IT consulting firm, is pleased to announce the release of an ebook with source codes package, “MySharpSQL”.

Would you like to create your own database client applications in C# using MySQL and its ADO.NET Data Provider?

MySharpSQL is a FREE fully functional program that uses MySQL for keeping a database of programming notes. The MySQL database that comes with the program contains relevant and specially selected MySQL, ADO.NET and C# programming resources.

Program functions implemented in this fully functional program are: load records topic in a listbox, gets user selection from the listbox and displays the record details in a set of textboxes. The command buttons allow the user to clear and reload the listbox, save a new record or an edited record, delete existing records, display the program’s help file, close the program and search for keywords in the records.

The registered version of this package contains an eBook with step-by-step fully commented source codes for a complete Visual C# program that shows you how to create your own C# programs that use an ADO.NET Data Provider to access MySQL databases.

Both MySQL version 4.x and version 5.x databases are supported.

A FREE fully functional program with a sample eBook is
available for download at

Price: US$24.95
File Size: 1.73 MB
The registered package contains the complete eBook and full source codes for
1 Visual C# 2003 project;
2.Visual C# 2005 Express Edition project; and
3.SharpDevelop 2.0 project

This product comes with a 60-day money back unconditional guarantee.
All purchasers are also entitled to the next updated version free of charge.
All orders are processed via an easy and secure online shopping system.

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