New England Author Promotes His Crime Thriller Set in New Hampshire – "Blood on Hampton Beach"

Author Jed Power is pleased to announce the promotion of the third book in his Dan Marlowe/Hampton Beach, NH crime series, Blood on Hampton Beach. Power is promoting this work just ahead of the release of the fourth book in this crime series, Honeymoon Hotel which is scheduled for release in May 2015.

Boston, MA, May 15, 2015 –(– There’s something tempting at Hampton Beach, something besides the sea and sand. Money and lots of it. The kind of money that brings greed, violence and murder to anyone it touches.

Just Dan Marlowe’s luck to stumble across the murdered body of Hampton Beach’s premier landlord. Now he has to find something else—her killer—and fast. Before a Hampton police detective, who thinks Dan is behind every crime on the beach, hangs the murder on Dan.

In this, the third novel in the Dan Marlowe series, Dan finds himself facing death from a cast of suspects—a right-wing radio talk show host, a shifty fireworks dealer, two bumbling beach hustlers, a shadowy marijuana syndicate and every other beach low-life the tide can throw up—all of them as crooked as his best friend Shamrock’s shillelagh. And they don’t have any qualms about using Dan for pistol-whipping practice or inviting him to a cookout where he could end up the toasted marshmallow.

There’s one more thing Dan has to watch out for. Something just as dangerous to him as any beach killer and just as deadly. – Himself.

“Blood on Hampton Beach” is available in both print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
Blood on Hampton Beach
By Jed Power
Publisher: Dark Jetty Publishing
Published: June 2014
ISBN: 978-0985861759
Pages: 295
Genre: Crime Thriller, Crime Mystery, Mystery, Murder Mystery, Suspense, thriller

About The Author:
Jed Power is a Hampton Beach, NH based writer and an “Active” member of Mystery Writers of America. His fourth novel in the Dan Marlowe crime series, “Honeymoon Hotel,” will be published in both e-versions and trade paper May 1, 2015.

The first three novel in the series, “The Boss of Hampton Beach,” “Hampton Beach Homicide, and “Blood On Hampton Beach,” are all available in paper and as eBooks. The protagonist is Hampton Beach, NH bartender, Dan Marlowe.

The real Dan Marlowe was Jed’s father’s best friend. Mr. Marlowe wrote his crime masterpiece, “The Name of the Game is Death,” while living with the Power family in Woburn, MA. He named a character in the novel after Jed Power. Jed has returned the honor by naming his protagonist Dan Marlowe.

Coming out May 15, 2015 is the first crime novel in the new Mike Malloy series, “The Combat Zone.” It is about a PI who hangs his hat in 1970’s Harvard Square and roams the Combat Zone, Boston’s red-light district. This book made it into the final cut (5 novels) for the 2014 Minotaur/Private Eye Writers of America “Best First Private Eye Novel,” competition.

Jed also collects vintage Noir/Hardboiled paperbacks, which includes, amongst many other items, the largest collection of Dan Marlowe novels, short stories, inscribed items and memorabilia.

Jed is also mentioned several times in the new Dan Marlowe biography, “Gunshots In Another Room,” by journalist Charles Kelly.

He has been published in “Spinetingler,” “Over My Dead Body,” “Hardboiled,” “Boys’ Life,” “Suspense Magazine,” “Plan B,” “Stone Cold–Best New England Crime Stories Anthology,” “The Rap Sheet,” “Yellow Mama,” “Shotgun Honey,” “All Due Respect,” “Short Story Digest,” “Near to the Knuckle,” “Naked Kiss,” “,” “Twist of Noir,” “Bethlehem Writer’s Roundtable,” “Kings River Life” “Jack Hardway’s Crime Magazine,” and others.

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