New Executive Coaching Software Provides 24/7 Support

Dec. 5, 2006 – Companies are now being offered a new software solution for executive coaching called The GROW cards™. The software applies imagery and animation through a structured goal setting process and provides 24/7 coaching support. The GROW cards™ are primarily a self-coaching tool and act as a catalyst for effective goal setting, developing creativity, problem-solving skills, achieving high performance or developing a coaching culture.

The GROW cards™, described as “impressive” by Dr Mike Bagshaw an organisational psychologist, he added. “They are a new powerful innovative perspective in organisational development which reflects a unique orientation and contribution to business and people development”.

Traditional coaching techniques rely on listening and questioning skills and support clients during the gaps between coaching sessions via email. While listening and questions skills are critical to the success of coaching, on their own these techniques can be limiting especially when clients need to overcome challenging self-limiting beliefs or break through barriers. Email is an ineffective way to support clients because the coach can never respond quickly enough, seriously impeding the client’s progress and motivation.

The Grow card software programmes are a flexible 24/7 self-coaching process and a comprehensive business solutions system. The programmes work by aligning the conscious and unconscious mind through self-discovery guaranteeing a deeper understanding and turning goals into reality.

The creator, UK entrepreneur Keith Bound said: “The GROW cards software programmes are an innovative approach to goal setting. They are underpinned by the Image Dynamics™ process which helps people break through self-limiting beliefs and develop creativity through deep reflection. The Image Dynamics™ process can also be applied to other development & training programmes and can be used to help communicate corporate branding and values within an organisation”

Bound came up with the idea through his experience as an executive coach and master practitioner of NLP. “I found traditional coaching techniques limiting and the email support system failing client’s needs. By experimenting with imagery in a coaching context I found that clients were able to break through blocks developing a completely new perspective and direction to achieve their goals”.

The beauty about the GROW cards™ is their simplicity, he added. “Its low cost, effective results and performance ownership means that is an ideal tool and process for maintaining high performance in the workplace”. With ROI becoming increasingly important the GROW cards software offers an innovative approach to either developing a coaching culture or implementing an effective business solutions process.

The software programmes are sold in three formats to suit the individual or organisation’s needs and budget. They are the Starter Version 1.0, the Basic Version 1.0 and the Professional Version 1.0 Level 1. In addition, these programmes are very cost effective to implement within an organisation from £14.95-£49.95 per employee and can be linked to performance appraisal systems, therefore providing a clear ROI.

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