New horror thriller published entitled THE STYX by Matt White

Dec. 29, 2006 – This is a psychological horror/black comedy concerning a drug-fuelled battle through time between two pretenders to God’s throne, one with good intentions, while the other harbours sadistic and cannibalistic tendencies.

The river Styx runs through this story and The Riverman Sloo has discovered a way to reverse the flow.

By taking his number in the Biblical directory ‘768’ and committing horrific acts 7 days after the resurrection to six chosen disciples on the 8th year, he can give his ship of lost souls their second coming and surpass God’s reign on earth.

This book includes Dusk till Dawn twists mixed with unsettling David Lynch surrealism leading to an ever-increasing crescendo.

About the Author: Matt White has a degree in Creative writing from the University of Derby and is also a Horror film critic for a popular culture website. This is his first novel. Matt is a massive fan of West Ham United FC and is an avid collector of all things horror.

Excerpt from the book: “Do not look into the portholes. The sight of mangled faces will strike you frozen. Episodes of indignation. Desolate landscapes. A cloaked man scampers. Sheep flee in terror. Long sharp skewers. Spikes one animal. Lifts it to the sky as it wails in fright. Head in wide mouth. Clenched teeth. Head removed, spat to the ground. Saliva, intermingled with blood. Fingers that scrape, bending back nails. Eruption of the skin, more red oozes down the glass. Hear the laughter surrounding you. They’re coming. Coming to devastate your family. Devour your loved ones. Dissect your children. No stone left unturned…

They’re watching you.”

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Author: Matt White

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