New Interactive Web Radio Station competes with powerful “music discovery” websites

Dec. 13, 2006 – Many have grown to love the power, versatility and ease of use of “music discovery” websites like and their ability to introduce individual listeners to new music of their liking. However, as a continual radio station, music discovery sites do show a great limitation. In fact their greatest strengths are their weaknesses. The nature a “music discovery” website is to expose each listener to a certain musical style or “Genre” of play that matches their liking, in effect limiting the music experience to a ‘monochromatic’ view of music rather than a “Best of All Genre” type of experience. This is great when searching for a new artist to listen to, but can be quite monotonous when compared to a radio station that offers a dynamic and engaging listening experience. A great need has been established for such a radio station.

In general, web radio as a whole has not embraced the full interactive power of the internet to empower the listener to control their sound experienced on the radio, so listeners either have to chose “music discovery” sites, or tune into “old type” radio stations that offer no control or customizations. They might as well turn on their FM or Satellite Radio station at home. What has been needed for quite some time is a general web Radio Station that not only allows the listener the power and versatility of “Self Directed Play” (choosing their own music) but also the ability to perfectly blend many styles and genres of music that suit their liking into one easily enjoyable radio experience. Until “The Best of All Rime Radio”, there has been no solution like this.

“Through The Best of All Time Radio, listeners control their personal experiences of the station by being able to fast-forward and rewind to their favourite songs, as well as vote on the songs they like and dislike.” said Damian Spaulding Director of The Best of All Time Radio. “And through interactively voting on the songs they like, the station completely customizes to the needs of each listener. The Best of All Time is also the first station to implement a new ‘higher breed’ of Artificial Intelligence technology that takes account for the global listening likes and trends of all of its listeners.”

The way The Best of All Time Radio Player works, is that it identifies the likes of each visitor and delivers a custom listening experience for them, while doing so accumulating the general likes and dislikes of all of its listeners. The station then moulds the entire listening experience to reflect the likes of its total audience, continually improving as more and more people vote. This is approach is completely new to radio and showing great promise for the web aspect of the radio industry. The Best of All Time Radio also allows each visitor to fast-forward and rewind to all of their favourite music therefore utilizing the full interactive power of web media.

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