New Jersey’s First Reading Glasses Alternative! New FDA Approved KAMRA Inlay to Correct Presbyopia

West Orange, NJ, May 13, 2015 –(– Even if you never had vision problems, you cannot escape presbyopia; an age-related process that affects more than a billion people worldwide. Until this month, refractive surgeons had very little to offer their presbyopic patients.

Today Clarity Refractive Services is pleased to announce a new procedure that can safely improve reading vision while preserving distance vision acuity. Their Medical Director, Dr. Martin Fox, will be among the first in the New York Metropolitan area to offer the KAMRA Inlay procedure.

The inlay is placed into a corneal pocket created by the femtosecond laser. KAMRA is centered over the line of sight in the non-dominant eye. It works by blocking unfocused rays of light, letting only focused rays enter through its 1.6 mm aperture. This optical effect produces an improvement in depth of focus.

The FDA approval came with its data indicating that 508 study participants demonstrated significant long standing improvement in near and intermediate vision without adverse effect on distance vision or depth perception.

Clarity Refractive Services offers high-tech laser vision correction with individualized treatment with one of the region’s most experienced laser eye surgeons, Martin Fox, MD, a board-certified ophthalmologist who is fellowship trained in corneal and refractive surgery.

Clarity Refractive houses the most advanced refractive surgery technology available, including custom wavefront guided excimer laser and bladeless LASIK. We work to maintain a collaborative relationship between our surgeons and your primary eye doctor to ensure continuity of care. Clarity’s patient-focused staff enjoy helping patients reduce or eliminate their need for reading glasses and contact lenses with the latest technology.

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