New Movie Social Network Site to Start 2007 with a Big Bang

Dec. 15, 2006 – Douglas, U.K. – Your Broadcaster – a social networking website aims to collaborate with members in order to build, create and find the resources to produce 5 feature length films: bollywood, horror, thriller, drama and comedy.

By the start of the year 2007, YourBroadcaster would have developed a Social Networking website with embedded streaming video that are flash enabled and several unique features that would serve the needs of its targeted users. It hopes to attract movie, filmmaking audiences, writers and media related individuals who would like to publish their portfolio, CVS or biographies. Individuals looking for public exposure such as those connected with talent search competitions and auditions will find the network very useful. YourBroadcaster’s other markets include people interested in Bollywood and Indie films as well as collaborational projects and the general browsing public who would prefer to have their individual websites enabled to publish their own content and meet new friends. It expects to cover audiences worldwide with physical demographics as the least of its concerns.

Members can participate in YourBroadcaster’s various projects by having the opportunity to upload Scripts, Auditions, Characters, Cartoons, Stunts and others for $10 each. All of these shall be voted for by other members. The most successful member uploads will be used as the basis for the final film which could comprise of a thousand individual member pieces.

These members will be given dynamic information during the projects based on their work and votes. It will show their current status and their ranking in the prize draw leader boards.

Social networking has become a powerful collective force in the present times. This phenomenon is taken to a new dimension by YourBroadcaster as it completely explores the participatory nature of the web in a way that has never been seen before.

In the words of Bradley Horrowitz, the head of technology development for Yahoo, “social networking isn’t a product or a company but a feature that lives in service of some other mission”.

A new breed of people called the “influentials” has been produced by social networking. The classic influential’s
recommendations are widely respected among friends and family for any purchasing decision. The new influentials use their great power to spread messages quickly with the latest web tools.

It is possible to become a member even if one does not want to subscribe to a project. A person can register to the site for free and create his/her own webpage or blog to share, view or post information. Membership also allows the right to vote on all records and enables uploading of one’s own broadcasting channels created from external sources.

YourBroadcaster can be found on the World Wide Web at:

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