New Novel WALDEN Available for Review

Dec. 13, 2006 – West Chester, PA – WALDEN, a new novel by Michael T. Dolan, was recently published by Conversari House, a publishing company based out of West Chester, PA. Review copies of WALDEN are available upon request.

WALDEN, a dark coming-of-age story about freedom, revolution and individualism, is now available in trade paperback.

Says author Iain Levison of A Working Stiff’s Manifesto fame: “WALDEN is a story about the seamier side of campus life, a life far removed from the smiling faces on the college brochures. Mike Dolan has crafted a powerful and evocative story, full of anger, frustration and misdirected emotion, about a young man caught up in the anonymous and soul-crushing world of the educational system. Should be required reading for all college freshmen.”

The November 2006 issue of Main Line Today also endorsed WALDEN, naming it to their “MLT Must” list: “In his first novel, West Chester’s Michael T. Dolan cleverly conveys the college experience – especially those first hours when you’re bracing yourself for ‘the roommate.’ Satirical, tragic and poignant, the coming-of-age story of Walden XVI, a student struggling to find his identity, makes the perfect stocking stuffer for any college freshman.”

Dolan grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and currently resides in West Chester, PA, with his wife and two children. He is a 1999 graduate of Villanova University.

WALDEN (ISBN 0-9779379-0-9) retails for $10.95 and is available at and bookstores everywhere.

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Product details:

By Michael T. Dolan
136 pages, trade paperback.
ISBN 0-9779379-0-9

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