New Podcast "Beastly Gentleman" Now Available on iTunes & Stitcher

On the Beastly Gentleman Podcast, best-selling author and bloggers, David de las Morenas and Dave Perrotta team up each week to share insights on how to get men un-stuck and reach their potential in all areas of life. David and Dave interview experts in: self improvement, dating, sex, relationships, fitness and entrepreneurship to help men “level up” and embrace the beastly gentleman lifestyle.

Boston, MA, May 01, 2015 –(– Beastly Gentleman, (, a podcast created for the millennial man, has just been released and is available to listeners for subscription on iTunes and Stitcher. The Beastly Gentleman podcast focuses on men’s health, fitness, self-improvement, entrepreneurship, dating, sex and is geared toward men in their 20s and 30s.

The show launched with a bonus episode which includes their personal stories and three episodes featuring, Blake Jamieson of Tinder Hack, Christian McQueen of A Man in Demand and Andrew Ferebee, host of the Knowledge for Men podcast.

Why this podcast? David de las Morenas, of, says, “More guys in their twenties need to be doing things that actually matter and things that actually bring them fulfillment, instead of just grinding it out at a 9 to 5 job they don’t care about. This podcast is a vehicle to motivate these guys to step up their game and crush life.”

Co-Host, Dave Perrotta of, adds, “There needs to be more Beastly Gentlemen in the world. I’m talking about men who go for what they want, live authentically, and strive for their own definitions of greatness.”

Fans of the podcast can contact David or Dave via email, twitter or the show’s Facebook page to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast.

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About the Beastly Gentleman Podcast
Based in Boston, MA., USA, the Beastly Gentleman serves listeners by providing men with insights, resources and expert perspectives on how enhance all areas of their lives. It’s format is casual and humorous, yet intelligent and thought-provoking. Hosted David de las Morenas ( and Dave Perrotta (, the Beastly Gentleman podcast is released on a weekly basis, every Tuesday morning and is available for subscription on Apple iTunes and Stitcher for Android. This show is produced by Personality Pods (

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