New Report From The Natural Marketing Institute Examines Natural, Organic & Premium Personal Care

Nov. 8, 2006 – The natural personal care market experienced growth of 15% in 2005 while the overall U.S. cosmetics and toiletries market grew by only 3.5%. To reach the influential natural, organic and premium personal care shopper, you need to understand the specific opportunities by category, gender and psychographics.

The Natural Marketing Institute’s newest report “The Evolution of Natural, Organic and Premium Personal Care Report” addresses product attributes, ingredients, channels shopped and the shopping experience consumers desire as well as their sources of influence. It analyzes NMI’s five proprietary personal care segments: INDULGENTS, SEEKERS, NATURALAIRES, MINIMALISTS and UNINVOLVEDS as compared to the general population and provides insight into the optimal targets across categories and behaviors.

Chapters include:

NMI’s Personal Care Consumer Segmentation Model
Personal Care Attributes, Ingredients and Influences
Female Personal Appearance Concerns
Women’s Products for Face
Women’s Products for Hands/Body
Women’s Products for Hair
Male Personal Care Concerns, Attitudes, Behaviors and Product Usage
Shopping, Service, Spending and Brands
The LOHAS Effect
This report provides manufacturers, marketers and retailers with the opportunities and gaps that exist within the marketplace and explores target consumers and the factors that most resonate with them.

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*Source: NMI’s 2006 Evolution of Personal Care Study

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