New Skincare and Beauty Resource for Women Over 50

Baby Boomer women have a new ally

Dallas, TX, May 06, 2015 –(– Baby Boomer women have a new ally.

Calypso Blue Organics, LLC, Dallas, TX today announced the launch of its online resource to assist women over 50 in the quest to enhance their natural beauty and overcome the effects of aging. The new site is and it features the full line of Calypso Blue Organics anti-aging skincare products in a simple and easy to shop format as well as lifestyle and beauty tips for women over 50.

“After turning fifty, like so many other women, I found out the hard way that there wasn’t a skincare product in the marketplace that met my present needs,” says Karen Dubberley, CEO and Founder of Calypso Blue Organics. “The harsh Texas environment can take a toll and the truth is peri or postmenopausal women desperately need skincare products that will nourish and nurture aging skin. After almost two years of research and testing we have developed a full line of all natural skincare products offered in a shopping experience that is easy to understand and simple to use.”

Made in the USA, Calypso Blue Organics products are made from plant extracts, healing botanicals and pure or biologically natural ingredients. Calypso Blue Organics is a cruelty-free company and all products are Paraben, colorant, formaldahyde and harsh surfactant free.

“Our research indicated that Baby Boomer women not only wanted gentle, all natural solutions to overcome the effects of aging but they wanted to learn and shop in an environment that was honest, not condescending, and that avoided the ‘bait and switch’ pricing and ‘subscription’ gimmicks that are all too common in today’s marketplace,” Dubberley added. welcomes women “of a certain age” to visit and learn about beauty from one of their own – a woman with the same life experiences and skincare challenges they face themselves.

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