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Dec. 14, 2006 – From; Alan J Prince
In response to letters received:

Today there are hundreds of millions of people, consisting of adults, and children in the world, starving to death, their numbers are slowly on the rise, while some countries, stand watching, virtually motionless, watching other countries peoples die, while food is being burried just to manipulate price, for gain.

Not to take away from existing efforts and programs, but the poor need massive amounts of the necessities of life, water, food, shelter, clothing, medicine, medical aid, basic education, hygiene materials, energy, agriculture, farming, knowledge and so on, this will be addressed by pooling resources and labor Globally.

Just resolving small problems, does nothing to resolve existing pressing and future pending problems, do not take this observation the wrong way, it is simply for demonstration purposes.

For example, if you feed just the children, who will look after them while their parents are laying dieing or who have already passed away from starvation, bacreia, disease, dehydration, exposure, or war, which is a result of people desperately trying or needing to get that, which others have, which they require
to live.

Commonsense dictates, greed sets the stage in real life desperate conditions. A position few statesmen or politicians have ever experienced, but should, drastic situations, require drastic measures, sharing is not an immediate priority, but possesion however is, hense agression.

When man is deprived of the necessities of life, people will do anything to feed themselves, and their families, young or old, hunger will drive a person to that point, where people become teritorial, possesive, and extreemly agressive. Even the most passive, border on insanity under these conditions.

I have devised a way to address such issues, in order to resolve these problems, however, it will involve an under tacking of mammoth proportions, large amounts of capital, political co-operation, religous governance, and needed development time.

The proposed project, requires each and every person in these area’s of severe want, desperation, need, and depression, to co-operate, which can be achievable, given the right reasons, which in this case is, survival, as referred to earlier.

Without being ungrateful, prejudice or derogatory, let me appeal to peoples own commonsense, and pose this question, what good is a trickle or a puddle of contaminated water, when you require and can have a lake of sterile drinkable water, for the masses, or why share a bowl of rice, when you can have the means to share fields, planted with grain, corn, rice, fruite, and other edible staples, indigenous to each independemt environment and region where deployed.

The plan; is to unite the people, with the help of the churches and government, by having the peoples set asside their differences, in the name of survival, by giving them a common goal and providing the necessary tools, equipment, and basic technologies, not direct money, needed to resolve and accomplish the intended tasks needed to be implimented to allow the poor to feed and support themselves to gain independance to survive.

To achieve this mission the intent is to remove, guns, knives, swords, and bats, and replace them with picks, shovels, hoe’s, and bags of seeds and tree saplings, to be used and planted in combination with the use of heavy equipment, to be purchased and used in the grand design, to create irrigation and dranage programs, reservoirs, and diversion channels for rains and run off, clear fields and potential agricultural and farming land, fertilze, clear land to build medical institutions, mobile and otherwise, primary, secondary, and higher learning schools, Colleges, and Universities, where applicable.

I am not going to ask you to help me, you will do what you think is right, should you choose to help, then you can help by promoting my site, and the e-mail club within, at; or in some locations just type in the following, to get to the information, once on site, go to the humanitarian page.

The truth is. To save ourselves from disaster, pestilence, pollution, and also contamination, we must help ourselves, to do so we must help others, we all breath the same limited recycled air, drink from the same recycled waters, all be it, on different sides of the pond, Suffer from similar muttated bacteria, viruses, diseases, illness and complaints, there are no re-supplies for earths resources, which are slowly and mythodically being used up, or destroyed, we need to act.
to avoid further catastrophies and disasters.

To all those heroes and heroins in the real world, who are trying to do their best to help, under horrid, fatiguing, and dangerous conditions, keep up the great work,

Remember, “every journey starts with the first step”.

Thank you.

Alan J Prince

— End —