nextcept – the World's First Perspective Marketing Platform Has Launched

nextcept allows you to ask anyone about your ideas and get back valuable results.

Westminster, CO, April 21, 2015 –(– The platform is still in its infancy but will be immediately useful for organizations looking to find which of their ideas offers the greatest benefit. This is accomplished by allowing you to apply value to your invites. This will ensure the opinions and ratings you receive will be uniquely calibrated to your organization and greatly increase your odds of success. Additionally, invited users of nextcept will be able to use their account to communicate with many organizations, and there will be no limitations on how many campaigns one can access.

Nextcept calls this concept perspective marketing. They see this software offering an entirely new marketing technique that is focused on honest interactions, making the best decisions, and moving forward with less risk.

“To pick one example, you can think of your local government. Imagine if some local branch could create a campaign focused on several ideas and post a link around town and online. The general public could then join these campaigns and quickly begin offering their ratings, thoughts, and insights to ultimately improve the community,” explains nextcept founder – Tom Benedict, “Nextcept offers an amazing method to find the ideal solution by replicating how people already make decisions and improving upon it.”

Nextcept has just released its initial version and will be launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on May 1st to expand functionality even further. Nextcept wants to be your access point to your favorite organizations.
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